Age of Magic – RPG Fantasy Gameplay

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Age of Magic – RPG Fantasy Gameplay

Age of Magic - RPG Fantasy Gameplay
Age of Magic – RPG Fantasy Gameplay


  1. Explore the vast Age of Magic world pierced through with the powers of light and darkness.
  2. Meet legendary heroes and fight epic raid battles with terrifying enemies.
  3. Follow the story of Roland the True Mage and his quest for the Dark Tower.
  4. Step into darkness and meet changeling assassin Sharazar, who will stop at nothing to get what he came for.


  • Build the ultimate party of heroes and challenge other players in the PvP Arena daily.
  • We choose competitive MMO PvP over PvE but that’s not all!
  • Prove yourself in the 24-hour Tournament every week.
  • Fight your way to the top to win glory and epic rewards! To the most valiant fighter go the spoils!


  • Collect over 60+ epic heroes, level them up and gear them out with powerful weapons and armour, and upgrade their abilities and rarity.
  • Use different strategies and form your dream team of heroes to build the strongest party in the world!


  • Lead your party into quick but tactical turn-based epic battles in grand arenas where the visuals are stunning and every choice counts.
  • Your PvP strategy will set the game pace, so act wisely!


  • The Tomb of Horrors and Valley of Treasures will test your limits as you battle powerful enemies guarding unique rewards.
  • Join MMO RPG events to face tricky characters with even trickier abilities, and test your strength no matter what the challenge!

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