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Kapal Api Global adalah holding company yang menaungi tujuh Unit Bisnis masing-masing PT Agel Langgeng, Excelso Café, PT Fastrata Buana, PT Sulotco Jaya Abadi, PT. Santos Jaya Abadi, PT Santos Premium Krimer, dan PT Weiss Tech. Berbekal lebih dari 8 dekade sejarah kesuksesannya, berbagai produk dan bisnis kami seperti Kopi Kapal Api, Kopi ABC and Kopi Good Day; Relaxa & Gingerbon Candy; Ceremix Cereal; dan cafe Excelso, telah menjadi yang terdepan di pasar Indonesia, Asia dan global.

Sejarah Kapal Api Global dimulai tahun 2008 yang termotivasi oleh keinginan para pemegang saham untuk membawa Kapal Api Global menuju pasar global. Kapal Api Global siap untuk bersaing di pasar global dengan mempromosikan continuous improvement, world-class processes, financial strength, and great people.

1. Corporate Finance Supervisor

Job Description:

  1. Analyze economy macro & micro
  2. Create and conduct financial modelling
  3. Evaluate the financial impact of new business ventures
  4. Implement the corporate treasury policies and procedures

Job Qualification:

  1. Have a Bachelor Degree majoring in Accounting / Finance / Economics
  2. Experience of working in holding/manufacture/securities company
  3. Have a wide network with banking and financial institutions
  4. Excellent negotiation and communication skill

2. Market Research Manager

Job Description:

  1. Execute, monitor and evaluate the research process (internal/external)
  2. Maintain the timeline and evaluate the research process (qualitative/quantitative)
  3. Analyze consumer research databases, both internal and external (Nielsen retail audit database)
  4. Collect consumer data and market research from various sources
  5. Create and deliver the results of market analysis properly

Job Qualification:

  1. Bachelor (S1) from any major with GPA minimum 3.00
  2. Have experience 2 years as market research analyst from FMCG Industry
  3. Excellent to operate Ms. Excel
  4. Have knowledge of software Nielsen

3. Mobile Application Developer

Job Description:

  1. Develop mobile applications and implementation of a mobile access security system
  2. Token system implementation for mobile applications
  3. Use and adapt existing web applications for apps
  4. Identify malfunctions or troubleshooting issue for mobile applications

Job Qualification:

  1. Possess a Bachelor’s degree majoring in Information System or Technology Information with
    minimum GPA 3.00
  2. Expert in create cross-platform mobile applications using Xamarin and Flutter
  3. Have experience 2 years in REST API and implementing using AWS API Gateway
  4. Extensive knowledge of HTTP concept (session, cookie, content delivery, HTTP methods)

Location: Head Office

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